Thursday, 10 October 2013

Coming Soon: What's on the workbench

Auscision AN Class

I have completed my DCC sound installation to the new 21 pin ready Auscision AN Class.
Once again I have split up the lighting to reproduced some prototypical features for operating headlights, foglights  and the white and red markers lights. Front Fog Lights, Front White Markers, Front Red Markers, Rear Red Markers can be assigned to 4 individual function keys of your choice. Headlights and Rear White Markers are directionally controlled.           

                                                    Auscision AN Class lighting modification 
Trainorama GM Class
I have completed my DCC sound installation to the new 8 pin ready Traino GM Class. A few issues have been discovered when converting to DCC with the rear light. It took me a while to resolve it but I have a solution.

Inside the GM before the install
Southern Rail 2 Car Xplorer/Endeavour Set: DCC modification
Work continues on this modification. I have modified the light boards and now working on the wiring between the carriages. Too many new releases to work on and this one seems to get pushed back. Work will resume.

Update 30 October:
I have completed this modification.

I now have the following setup:
Headlight button forward = Front white markers, front white ditch light, rear red markers.

Headlight button reverse = Rear white markers, rear white ditch lights, front red markers.

F1 = Front Headlight

F2 = Rear Headlight

F3 = Interior Lights.

Work continues to separate the ditch lights


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