Wednesday, 14 August 2013

On Track Models 82 Class: DCC modification with sound.
I have completed my DCC sound installation to the OTM 82 Class. As with my Auscision 73 class I have added the DCC Solutions 2 Function Output Power Amplifier to give me extra functions using the LokSound 21pin sound decoder. I have separated the red and white markers to 4 individual function keys so I will be able to reproduced prototypical features for operating white and red markers lights. The foglights will operate in conjunction with the directional headlights.

I have also corrected the incorrect factory wiring of the board. When a decoder is installed the loco would travel in the wrong direction. The marker lights were wired to the headlight function key while the headlights were wired to AUX1.

Here's a sneak peek with my "How to notes" to follow soon.

Now that is finished I'm looking at taking it to the next level with having even more function outputs allowing for individual control of front and rear headlights, front and rear white marker lights, front and rear red marker lights, front and rear foglights and possibly adding cab lights.

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