Saturday, 15 June 2013

Finally, a start...

Well, I finally decided to start my own blog. Just starting to get the hang of it, so this is the beginning of my blog for my model railway layout and for DCC decoder installations. I'm modelling a fictitious location in NSW which I called Coopers Ridge. Somewhere north of Sydney around the time of late 60's to late 80's. By not modelling a prototypical location and era it allows me to be flexible with my modelling but not going overboard to make it too unrealistic.   

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about my DCC (Digital Command Control) decoder installations that I use on my layout. I like to experiment and take some installations to the next level trying to do something that has not been done before or improve on previous installations. so I plan to share some of my basic DCC decoder installations to those including sound. Adding LED lighting and fibre optics to locomotives. Alterations and modifications to improve the running of locomotives under DCC. I have even added a smoke generator to some of my steam models.  
Yes, there are some great sites available detailing installations and some have all been done before but I found not all my older models had been covered and site updates covering more recent release locomotives are non existent.
Installations will range from old C38/42/422 Lima locomotives, Powerline Models 48 and 81 Classes, Austrains NN, 35, 36, 80 and NR classes, Eureka C38 , Trainorama 42,44 through to the more recent Auscision 73 and 422 Classes and On Track Model 82 Class. And there is one for the kids...lights and sound into a Bachmann Thomas The Tank.
I hope to help others who maybe new to DCC and share my ideas with seasoned DCC installers with the hope I too may learn something new. I also want to share some kit bashing ideas I have done to some locos.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I would be very interested in your ways of dcc ing Steam Locos?. Brian

  2. Brian,
    I plan writing some info on steam locos just been busy with the new releases at the moment. From memory I've done the main plastic rtr models from Austrains NN,35,36, Eureka 38, Lima 38, Diecast Trainorama 32. Also brass/white metal Z26, C35, C36, C55 all in HO with sound. In O scale a C36 and currently working on a C57 and 0-6-0 T. Is there a particular model you would like some info on? If its a loco I haven't done I'm sure I'll be able to offer some advice.
    Here is a short video of the Z26 demonstrating the DCC sound and the installed Keep Alive